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Natural Lager

Beer sensory characteristics: The “U” stands for “Ungespundet”, which means unfiltered and unfathomably good. When ordering one U beer in German, you simply say, “Ahh Ooo, bitte”. No language skills required. A great beer that’s easy to order. What you get is an extraordinary, yeast-turbid specialty beer with a full-bodied, smooth-malt character. Pleasantly tart, with almost no carbonation, it’s a beer that goes just as well with a good meal as it does with a relaxing evening. Internationally it’s been called a cult beer, and that’s fine with us. It’s a Bamberg classic, so try one. However, experience has shown that most rarely drink just one.

Mahrs Bräu U beer pairing recommendation: with cold cut platters, BBQ,  Roasts, Burgers, Smoked Fish & Pizza

Hallertauer Perle


approx. 12.7%

5,20 %


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