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Tradition & Craftsmanship

After decades of successful exporting his exceptional brews to the United States and Canada, Stephan Michel, the sole owner and master brewer of the well-known traditional Bamberg brewery decided to craft his Bavarian-Franconian lager fresh in the USA. 
With his closest friend from Bamberg, they followed their lifelong vision and founded Mahrs Bräu of America to craft authentic Bavarian beer locally, still according to the Bamberg Purity Law of 1489 and original family recipes. 
Tradition & Craftsmanship – for us, these are not just selling points, and most definitely not myth. Mahrs Bräu is a privately owned and operated business, run with conviction and passion for over four generations.
We are doing it simply for the sheer pleasure and enjoyment of our work. And because our team has a very specific idea of what an outstanding beer must have: Character.
We leave the cheap beer to the mass production industry. Our company doesn’t get bent out of shape over producing a few more hectoliters. On the contrary, Mahrs Bräu is a very proud brewery, well established and growing over time in Upper Frankonia throughout Bavaria and Germany. For centuries Mahrs Bräu has been calling Bamberg’s Wunderburg its home. Family-owned and firmly rooted in the region since 1895. We enjoy our success, but always remain fully aware of our responsibilities.
For our customers and fans in America, it is our vision to bring this integrity and tradition to them, freshly brewed locally and under this same high quality standards. 
Our teams works with confidence in our age-old craft, and can therefore keep a clear head for the present. We are inquisitive and move forward with the Zeitgeist and new ideas for the future. 
Because, when it’s all said and done, pairing the art of our brewing tradition with the sophistication of modern technology you can truly taste the difference in each of our Mahrs beers.

Mahrs Beers

Passion for over four generations

cloudy, amber 355ml

shiny, light yellow 355ml

golden yellow 355ml

cloudy, amber 500ml

shiny, light yellow 500ml

golden yellow 500ml

Authentic Beer is our Passion

Mahrs Bräu USA


According to the Bamberg Purity Law of 1489


Mahrs Bräu USA


For our lagers, we only use the original raw materials from Bamberg & Hallertau in Bavaria, Germany

Mahrs Bräu USA


Craft authentic Bavarian Lager beers locally

Mahrs Bräu USA


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