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Beer sensory characteristics: Not just your average pilsner, this premium pilsner seems to shine in the glass. The special character is recognizable by its brilliant shiny, light yellow shimmer. The pure white, foamy head has finely textured, compact bubbles and is a joy to the eye. Delicate effervescent pearls of carbonation are the hallmark of its fresh flavor. The distinctive hops aroma stimulates olfactory senses. Light and dry in body, with a tender herbal soupçon of bitterness that guarantees to delight your taste buds. The finish is pure, round, and harmonious. Light on the stomach, with an unbeatable taste, making for pure beer enjoyment.

Mahrs Bohemian-Style Pilsner pairing recommendation: as an aperitif, Poultry, BBQ, Seafood, Sushi, Pasta, Pizza, Poultry, Salads & Cheese

Hallertauer Tradition/Mittelfrüh


approx. 11,8%

4,90 %


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